Divine Solutions

Know your Counsellor.

I am a son of God full of the Holy Spirit and with a strong personal relationship with God and a life dedicated to living out God’s Will.
I depend solely on the leading of the Holy Spirit in counseling situations and to offer guidance and support that is grounded in biblical truth.
I maintain strict confidentiality and protect your privacy. I will be glad to show compassion and empathy to you and be willing to listen to your concerns.
I am a man of God called, chosen, equipped, and sent by God to minister to others, and have a genuine desire to help people through difficult times.
My goal is to see my Lord Jesus Christ glorified in your life so that your life can also help others to know Him.

Purpose of this Meeting.

It is to provide you spiritual guidance based on the truth and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to help you develop a deeper understanding of your relationship with God, your purpose in life, and your identity as a child of God.
It is to quicken and draw you to true salvation and deliverance and healing. It will help you find healing and peace in areas of your life that cause you pain, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, or relationship issues. You will find hope and healing and experience growth and transformation.
It can also help you find the answers you seek, gain clarity and understanding of the issues you are facing, and have the divine wisdom you need to change your life.
The overall purpose is to help you walk with God and grow to become like Him.

Book an Appointment

How to book an Appointment

The following steps should help you easily schedule a booking appointment by selecting a day and time slot.
Select the date that you want to book an appointment.
Look for the available time slots on that date and choose the one that works best for you.
Fill out the required information such as your name, your preferred video meeting type, and any specific details for the appointment.
Confirm the appointment details, including the date and time slot, and make sure that all the information is correct.
Submit the booking request.
Check your email for a confirmation of your appointment. You will also receive reminders before the appointment.
Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.