About Me

I’m Evangelist Tajudeen Peter Salau

I am a man called, chosen, and sent by God to preach and teach the absolute Truth of God to the dying and confused world. I minister in the STRENGTH of God.
I am a devoted and committed follower of Christ, my Lord.
I would be glad to be used by God to lead you to true salvation and to discover and fulfill God’s purpose for your life. I¬†want you to be set free for God and onto God, and to manifest His Glory and reign in life.
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My Vision

My vision is to create a community of men who are transformed by the power of God’s love and grace. My ultimate goal is to see men grow to the full stature of Christ, embodying His love, compassion, and divine wisdom in all that they do. A people who manifest God’s Glory in their lives and in the world, and who do mighty works and exploits for God. A people like God, who reigns in life. My vision is to see men fully surrender to God and walk in His perfect will. I believe that true salvation involves not just a one-time decision, but an ongoing journey of growth and transformation that leads to a life of purpose and meaning. I believe that every man has a God-given purpose and destiny, and it is my desire to see men fulfilling their unique calling in Christ. My goal is also to see men living out the abundant life that God has intended for them.

My Mission

My mission is to be used by God to get men truly saved by God and to grow spiritually to the full stature of Christ, to become like God; and be able to glorify God acceptably by bearing His Fruit and living for Him. A people like God, who reigns in life. I want to lead men to a deep and genuine experience of salvation in Christ and facilitate their growth in spiritual maturity so that they can become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. I am committed to creating a community of men who are transformed by the power of the gospel and who are empowered to live out their faith in every aspect of their lives. I aim to create an environment that encourages men to pursue a deeper relationship with God and equips them with the truth they need to grow spiritually. I want to guide men toward a life-changing encounter with God.

I’ll be glad to be used by God to guide and Solve Your Life Issues

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